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Optical-Mechanical Factory, Sofia LTD is specialized in production of different types of optical details.

The optical details are produced out of high quality optical glasses of the companies Shott, OHARA, Hoya, Corning, etc.
Here, every type of spherical optics is manufactured – biconvexlens, plano-convex lens, biconcave lens, plano-concave lens, positive and negative meniscus, doublets and triplets; diameter – min 5 mm; max 100 mm.

There are many types of prisms produced – rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, penta prisms, Dove prisms, rhomb prisms, etc.
The control is done by interferometer Zeiss and by collimators for angles and piramidality.
Sticking doublets and triplets is done with ultraviolet glue, with the necessary UV irradiators.

The optical industrial unit is equipped with:• High volumeevaporative installation for laying thin optical coverings LEYBOLDOptics, model: SYRUSpro710
• Machine for measuring the centering and sticking of optical details OptoTechAZP 2HP
• Cutting machine for optical glass OptoTechOTS400NC
• Interferometer OptoTech OWI50HP