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During the last ten years Optical-Mechanical Factory, Sofia LTD has developed and specialized in production of precision high accuracy welding structures.
The factory has potential for producing the most diversified metal structures, preliminary processing of their surfaces by blasting (with quartz sand or copper slag) and laying anticorrosion primers and paints.
The qualification of the workers in the factory makes it possible to make responsible welding compounds, subject to X-ray control andUSC (ultrasound control).
The bigger facilities, in whose building Optical-Mechanical Factory, Sofia LTD participated during the last ten years are:
• new USA embassy in Sofia – security fences, security sliding doors, railings, bars, etc.;
• Sport properties Primorsko SC/AD – metal structures for Aquapark;
• Perla Tourist SC/AD – building a metal structure for summer theater in Primorsko;
• new passenger’s terminal of Sofia airport – metal structures and elements of curtain walls;
• building an underground in Sofia – as supplier of different metal equipment and elements;
• SPIDER store – Sofia, Bulgaria blrd. – metal structure with glass covering
• HENKEL – factory for dry construction compounds Sofia – silos and metal structure
• Chelopech Mining, Bulgaria – metal structures, access ramps, etc.;
• administrative building of TERNA company – Sofia, Macedonia sq. – metal pillars and capitals for them (the building is built by the method “top down”);
• summer garden of Toscana restaurant, Sofia, Verila str. – metal self-supporting structure with unique architecture;
• fences and entrance doors for schools, kindergartens in Sofia;
• evacuation stairs for buildings.
Optical-Mechanical Factory, Sofia LTD has capacities for workmanship and qualified staff in order to respond to the requirements of the most demanding client.
For years Optical-Mechanical Factory, Sofia LTD is a supplier of welding structures and deck equipment of Rolls-Royce Company and it is constantly expanding the nomenclature of the details and products produced.