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elcome to the official site of Optical-Mechanical Factory, Sofia LTD

the first enterprise in Bulgaria with activity in the technical optics. We offer complicated optical appliances and products.

The production structure of the factory includes mechanical, optical, thermal, galvanization and assembly industrial unit, and experimental laboratory, which form absolutely completed production cycle. The factory has highly qualified specialists with experience in developing and assimilation in production of the products with precision mechanical workmanship.

For years Optical-Mechanical Factory, Sofia LTD is also time-tested supplier of components for turbine engines and deck equipment of Rolls-Royce Company.

There is implemented and approved Quality Management System in Optical-Mechanical Factory, Sofia LTD, regarding the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2008.

The policy of Optical-Mechanical Factory, Sofia LTD is targeted to reserving and development of high quality during the production and sales of mechanical, optical-mechanical products, metal structures, etc. The main targets before the management are:
• precision performing of the production activities for achieving high quality of the product;
• expansion of the market shares by winning the trust of the clients;
• introduction to new technological and technical solutions;
• constant improvement of the professional qualification, the communicative skills and the professional ethics of the collaborators;
• increase of the profitability of the processes.

The factory is a member of:
• Association of the Bulgarian Defense Industry (ABDI)
• Bulgarian Occupational Chamber – Engineering (BOCE)
• Bulgarian Commercial Industrial Chamber (BCIC)


Optical-Mechanical Factory, Sofia LTD is created in 1948 and it is the first optical enterprise in Bulgaria. It is located in the west industrial zone of Sofia, approximately area of 24 000 m2. The development of the factory passes from production of school supplies in the beginning itself until specializing it in production of complicated optical, surveillance and measurement devices with military purposes. The technological cycle is closed.

After the conversion in 1989 Optical-Mechanical Factory, Sofia LTD is oriented to partnership and executes orders for the companies: Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH , Hensold, Hund, Optotec, Linos Photonics GmbH, Enosa, HSPO Ltd., Lomo, etc.
After the privatization of the factory in 2000, there are additionally built production powers of precision metal constructions and large-sized details with high accuracy.

In 2002 Optical-Mechanical Factory, Sofia LTD is honored with “Silver lion” in sector “Machines and equipment” for successful performance at the National commercial fair “Made in Bulgaria”.
Since 2003 until the present moment Optical-Mechanical Factory, Sofia LTD is the main supplier of Rolls – Royce Company.
Optical-Mechanical Factory, Sofia LTD regularly participates in the International exhibition for defensive technique Hemus, taking place in Plovdiv.